Trick or Treat Program Donations

To Whom It May Concern:

Once again Halloween is fast approaching and the Richland Township Police Department will be conducting their safe Trick or Treat night on Thursday October 28th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  This program was born out of the tragedy in 1999 when a serial child abductor was in our area. The program put a maximum effort by police to intermingle with the children to make Trick or Treat a safe and fun event for them. With the increased Police presence we are able to have a fun and safe night for the children. Last year through donations we were able to give out 4500 treats to children which were gone in one and a half hours. This fostered a huge interaction between the kids and the police, which made the project a success.

This is a great way for the Police Department to get involved with the children at a young age.

Due to Covid-19 and all the bad news dealing with Police we want to keep this program going and hopefully get the young children and parents to be friends with the police and realize that we are here to help them and keep them safe.

We are now in our 23rd year of the project and with the current Opioid Crisis thru out the area this gives the police department a chance to deal with young children in a positive manner We are asking for your support with a donation of candy or monies to purchase candies to be passed out on Trick or Treat night in Richland Township. We are asking that all donations be at Richland Police Department by October 22nd. You can either contact Sgt Herdman or drop the donations off at the Police Station.

In closing we want to thank you for your support because without it this project would never have been a success.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Sgt. John Herdman at (814)266-8333 Ext 8618 or


Chief Michael S Burgan